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How can I participate in Tournament

To enter the competition, download the game and play online to collect ranking points for each type of online gameplay mode.

First season shall commence at 0:00:01 AM GMT on June 28, 2018 and shall end at 23:59:59 PM GMT on July 4, 2018.  The winners are chosen by the Administrator on the basis of position in the global Game ranking.The person in the first position of the global Game ranking (potential winner) shall be chosen to win the Prize after examination by the Administrator.

Rules of calculating ranking points Mayhem Tournament by Vivid Games S.A.

Number of points players gain in online game modes:


1st place - 10

2nd place - 7

3rd place - 5

4th place - 3

5th place - 2

6th place - 1

7th place - 0

8th place -   -1

9th place -   -2

10th place -   -3


Win - 3

Lose -   -3


Win - 5

Lose -   -5

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Rules of calculating ranking points:


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