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Attacks and controls

So, you completed the tutorial but then forgot what the controls are all about? Your opponent is giving you one right hook after the other? Well, don’t worry. You can always access the tutorial from the options menu located in the upper right of your home screen just next to the store. There you will be able to go through the tutorial once again as well as set the round length, audio options and reset your profile if you choose to do so. If you, however ,want to get a bit more information on the moves themselves and how they work in real life,  have a look below.

*The descriptions here refer to real life boxing and may not always be fully representative of the game play.

Left/Right Jab - The jab is the most important punch in boxing. It lets you attack, defend, counter, score points, make space, and many other things. It’s a fast punch that stuns your opponent just long enough for the big punches to land.

Left/Right hook - The left hook is easily one of the deadliest punches in boxing. It comes from a side angle making it tricky to defend when an opponent is expecting straight punches. It’s also common for knockout because the punch turns the head and easily makes opponents dizzy.

Left/Right upper cut - The left uppercut is a great punch to use on the inside or even mid-range. It’s more powerful than the jab, comes fast, and can be quite unexpected. The only risk is that you have to be closer to your opponent!

Block - Blocking is the easiest way to stay within range without getting hurt. The block can be quite effective against jabs and hooks however keep in mind that dodging blows may still be the best way to avoiding taking damage.

Breaking the block - sometimes your opponent will just try to hide behind his block and hide out until he regains strength. Let’s not give him the time he needs. Perform 3 strong hits in a row without interruption to break his block and see him vulnerable to the next attack.

Getting up from a knock down - if you ever end up on the floor the fight is by far not over. This is the time you show your true strength and determination. Tap the screen as fast as you can to get up and still get the chance to achieve victory.

Clinch - clinching is a rough form of grappling and occurs when the distance between both fighters has closed and straight punches cannot be employed. In this situation, the boxer attempts to hold or "tie up" the opponent's hands so he is unable to throw hooks or uppercuts. To perform a clinch, simply get close enough to your opponent and hit the icon located at the bottom of your screen.

Energy restore - Once you enter the clinch you get a chance to restore your energy! Tap the screen as fast as you can until you see the blue bar completely filled. Remember, however, that your opponent is doing the same so be quick!

Dodge - Is the best way to avoid attacks without taking damage. Use this ability when you see your opponent launching a fierce jab your way. Remember you may not be able to block all attacks! So keep an eye on your opponent's moves.

Counter Attack - Once you have dodged the attack launched by your opponent it is time to strike back! Launch your own counter attack and see him bleed. Remember he will have to expose himself to try and hit you hard, that is your chance. Don’t waste it!

Combos: There’s no rule to boxing combinations. You can throw whatever punches you want in whatever order you want. There are definitely SOME guidelines, such as throwing fast feeler punches (like the jab) before you commit to the hard shots that leave you open longer. It’s also more natural to alternate punches between your right and left hand but also a good idea to throw double lefts and double rights to confuse your opponent.


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