How do refunds work and who to call if I really need one?

Generally refunds are a bit tricky, so it's best if you are really certain you want an item before purchasing it through the game!

Make sure you do not use the goods you purchased before asking for a refund as they will then have to be removed from your account. According to the Google Refund Policy you may request a refund within 48 hours of the transaction if something you bought isn’t working, isn’t what you expected, was bought by accident, or you changed your mind about the purchase.

In order to apply for a refund contact our support under and provide us with a list of the goods you bought, the price as well as the Gmail address tied to your Google Play account. This information will help us to process your refund more effectively. Also please do not be alarmed if the procedure takes a few days!

We generally try to be very responsive in those situations, however we may need a few days to have your ticket processed fully. You will find more information on refunds and the google play policy under the LINK EMBEDDED HERE.

Please make sure to always read all policies before making a purchase.


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