What are the minimum requirements for the game?

As with every product, Real Boxing Manny Pacquiao has specific requirements for the game to run smoothly on your device. This means that the better your device, the less likely you will experience crashes and the smoother your gameplay.

Unfortunately not everyone is able to afford the best and newest devices, and that is also OK. :) We always try our best to make the game work with as many devices as possible. If your device does not meet the requirements mentioned below you may still be able to download and install the game, however we cannot guarantee a smooth and seamless game.

If you are using an Android device you will need to be using a device that is at least Samsung Galaxy S3 or newer! This means your device needs to meet the following standard: Android OS minimum 4.2. You should be able to achieve the best results on newer devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 with Android 6, OpenGL ES 3 as well as 3GB RAM.

As always, if you feel that the game is not running well on your device feel free to let us know at!

We always appreciate your opinion on all game-related matters. :)


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