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How do I unlock new special moves?

In Real Boxing 2 we have introduced a new special moves feature. You can use one type of Special Move per fight, however you can change the skill after the fight if you decide to change the strategy. Each special move is unlocked after a certain campaign stage.

To activate them, you need to get to your profile card and tap on the special moves button. If the move is ready to equip you may tap on the Activate button.

In order to use the Special Move Combo you need to charge up the skill. Let your opponent throw some punches at you to get all riled up. The adrenaline will help you unleash the most deadly combination of blows which will knock your opponent down.

Each Special Move can be upgraded 2 times. If you manage to use the most powerful Special Move during the fight, the combo will always end with your opponent being knocked out for good.

The list of available Special Moves:

  • I am Lightning
  • Stamina Eater
  • Invigorator
  • The Switcheroo
  • Minigun
  • Berserk
  • Stunner
  • Boost Crusher


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