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How do I improve my boxers statistics?

You can build up your stats in exchange for experience points which you receive after the fight. The better the fight score is the more points you receive. You can increase them inside the TRAINING section by pressing the “+” button.

Moreover you can spend some time in the gym playing the mini games to improve your 3 main stats by punching the heavy bag (Strength), Double End Bag (Speed) and Jump Rope (Stamina). The better the score you get during mini games challenges the more points will be assigned to your particular player statistic.

The only core statistic which cannot be improved in mini games is Health.

Skipping Rope Training

By playing Skipping Rope mini game you will have an opportunity to improve your Stamina statistics. Tap left and right part of the screen in proper moment to gain experience points.

Double-End Bag Training

In the Double-End Bag Training mini game you will have an opportunity to practice your Speed. Tap markers on the screen before they disappear to gain experience points.

Heavy Bag Training

By training in the Heavy Bag gym section you can build up your Strength. The higher the Strength the stronger your punches are.


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