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Pickups and performance!

Ok, so you are just peacefully driving along minding your own business at 220 mPh and suddenly see a random Bullbar just lying around. ;) We can't let that simply go to waste like that, can we now?

Pickups are items which give you a short term advantage within the game. They will appear frequently between the line of cars and enable you to perform a variety of actions. Below you can find a short description on all of them:

Nitro – this feature speeds up your car for a few seconds and also allows you to hit as many cars as possible without damaging your own vehicle.

Bullbar – the Bullbar is basically a rammer that attaches to the front of your vehicle. It will stay there briefly and allow you to plough your way through any number of obstacles you find in your way. It can be extremely useful in high traffic areas where you run into the risk of getting stuck in a lane behind a particularly slow Sunday driver.

2X score multiplier – this pickup does exactly what it says it will! You get double the Money for near misses and collisions.

Wrench – the wrench is a handy tool which will allow you to add +1 to the total number of collisions you can have during a run. In other words, it’s an extra life!

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