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Special cars!!!

Special Cars are another feature in the game to make your run more exciting. They are mainly harmless (unless you crash into them!), but there are some that you should pay special attention to!

  • Heavy vehicles – Coaches, Winnebagos/Campers and Trucks cause you to fail a run the second you hit them.
  • Fuel Trucks – you can fill up your fuel meter by riding behind them.
  • Money truck – you can get additional money by hitting them and collecting cash that drops on the road.

Police cars - You fail a run the second a police car touches you. Be careful! The cops aren’t messing around!
There are several types of police cars:

  • Standard – these are just normal police cars that are chasing you and trying to ram your car.
  • Sport – these police cars have faster reaction time so you should be careful while passing them by.
  • Heavy – police cars with the fastest reaction time, be very careful!

Also, the police uses:

  • Roadblocks – you have to find the best possible way to drive by without hitting the vehicles.
  • Helicopters – after a roadblock a helicopter appears that drops spikes which you have to avoid.


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