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I have an issue and want to talk to support about it!

If for any reason you could not find the solution to your problem on the support page or you just didn't want to bother reading through all the articles our support is always there for you. The easiest way is to go to your account settings in the game (top right corner of the game screen) and select the option contact us. You will then be redirected to a simple sheet where you can choose a category explaining the type of issue you are having as well as describe the issue in more detail. By sending us questions directly from the game we will also receive additional info which will allow us to help you with your issues more efficiently for ex. phone model, operating system and the version of the game you have installed.

Please be aware, that we do NOT gather any personal information from you, so we will never ask you for personal details like name, address, credit card number etc.

Once that is done simply wait for the answer. We usually try to be as responsive as possible but sometimes (especially over holiday periods) the answer may take us a day or two.


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