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I made a purchase in the game but the goods never arrived!

Even though this sounds frustrating, no issue is unsolvable!

First off all please make sure that the payment was actually processed and money was taken from your account. It can sometimes happen that payments take a little time to get processed. In that case please do not attempt multiple purchases as you may end up getting billed for more than just the one you wanted to make initially.

If you made a purchase and nothing arrived to your account make sure to contact our support about resolving that issue. The best way to do so is thorough the in-game button located under the settings tab or write to us at

Once that is done, please have a little patience. :)

We try to answer all questions as soon as possible but sometimes it may take some time before we can get the issue fixed for you. As with any other payment issue always be sure to include a description of the item you bought, the price as well as your Device ID, so that we may process your request more easily.


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