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How can i earn extra Gems or Money?

Ok, so you’re like me and enjoy the BLING! :)
There are many ways to get your hands on more Gems in Highway Getaway: Police Chase! First of all, you can obtain Gems by just playing the game & reaching next levels. With each race completed, you get some Money or Gems.
Nice and free! ;)
Also, keep an eye on all daily missions as sometimes you can earn some extras there as well! The other way is to go to the top right corner on your screen and click on the “+” button. This will take you to the store where you can buy different types of packages. You can also see that some of them come with the "no ads" feature, so if you've ever dreamt of playing the game ad-free that might just be the thing for you.
However, if you don't feel like splashing out on a great bundle just yet, you can also earn Gems by watching ads. You will find a button at the bottom of the screen that will forward you to a paid advertisement. Once the ad is done you will see a pop up stating "transaction successful" and some Gems will be added to your account.

Now, you already have a bunch of Gems and Money just sitting in your account but what can you actually do with them?
To find out more about that simply go the next article HERE.


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