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How do I save my game progress?

First of all let's take a moment to appreciate how awesome it is that you decided to try our game. :)
Well done! Now let's get down to business.

In Highway Getaway, Facebook is used for cloud saving. What does that mean exactly?
To protect your data from getting lost we recommend using the Facebook login feature in the game. This way, your data is always safely backed up and even if you lose your phone or delete the game by accident you can simply take off from where you left off.
Once you log into the game the app should prompt you to automatically sync your account. Sometimes it can happen that you don't really want all your games to be synced that way. Let's say you don't use Facebook very much or are just uncomfortable with the idea of linking these two together. That's also ok. :)
However, in this case your game progress will be stored only locally on your device. This means that if you lose access to your phone or you delete the app there will be no way to get your account and game progress back. So remember to choose wisely!


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