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Game crashes and what to do about them!

Usually the game should be very stable on most devices. However, it can happen from time to time, that you may experience a crash. In such cases it's best if you always have your game synced with Facebook. This will ensure that your game data is always saved with the cloud saving feature. You can find this option in the settings tab located in the top right corner of your screen. If you experience a game crash and you had your account synced don’t be worried, your data is not lost. The best thing to do there will be to follow these simple steps:

  • remove the game from your account
  • clear your cache
  • reinstall the game from the store using a stable internet connection
  • re-sync the account with Facebook

Your gameplay and progress should then once again be visible in the game. If, however, you DO NOT have a Facebook account or do NOT want to bind your account with the game all your data will only be stored locally on your device. This means that in the event of a game crash or any other issue with the device all your data will be lost and we will not be able to bring it back for you!

Please also remember that the game needs around 175mb of free space, however it is always advised to have a little bit more memory space available to ensure your device runs smoothly.


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