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Could you explain me the way VIP club works?

If you decide to spend real cash on our game to accelerate the gameplay by buying coin or diamond packs we will reward you with VIP points.

If you reach a certain VIP points level you shall automatically be rewarded with the VIP status, your avatar will be distinguished with a fancy gold border, your arena entrance will look more juicy and you will receive access to exclusive club of players having access to limited special item sets.

You will also feel immediate relief on all waiting times and your condition will grow as well. There are some other cool features but we would like you to experience them by yourself.

VIP Level 1:

  • No more ads. Simple as that.
  • Your Avatar will be distinguished with VIP icon and a cool looking gold frame.
  • Your ring entrance will be more juicy and walking to the ring will contain more visual effects.
  • You will get access to special set of VIP clothes full of glamorous glow. Some of them are shining (like a diamond) and are equiped with additional boost to player stats.
  • Your stats will be upgraded 30% faster than usual.

VIP Level 2:

  • All benefits of VIP Level 1 plus advantages below:
  • The entrence will be even more pimped out.
  • Your boxer will wear unique golden robe while walking to the ring.
  • You will get 2 additional contidion slots on top of the regular condition.
  • Your stats will be upgraded 60% faster than usual.
  • Your Avatar will be distinguished with VIP icon and even more cool looking gold frame.

VIP Level 3:

  • All benefits of VIP Level 2 plus advantages below:
  • Your Avatar will be distinguished with VIP icon and trully epicl looking gold frame.
  • You will get a personal ring girl assist while walking towards the fight area.
  • You will not need to worry about condition anymore.
  • You will get 50% more experience points from the fight.
  • Any statistic upgrade will be instantaneous.
  • You hostess will wear a unique outfit.


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