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I am experiencing lags while playing the multiplayer

The cause of this issue is related to the peer-2-peer connection method we use in Real Boxing 2. If you happen to connect to someone located far away from you, the lag may occur. Rest assured that we're working on improving this situation. However, if you find yourself in such situation please do contact us - we can use your help. So if you don't mind, please tell us:

  • What is the manufacturer and model of your phone as well the OS and game version ?
  • Where do you play the game (country or continent)? (We need to know this in order to check the internet speed.)
  • What is your Device ID ? (you can see this ID in the Credits section of Real Boxing 2)
  • Is it happening all the time?
  • How does this effect the gameplay ? (Lags, connection errors?)

Thanks in advance for your help!


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