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How do I unlock all the characters in Quick Fight mode?

To unlock all 22 characters you need to win a belt in career mode. You will get new characters with each belt received: bronze, silver and gold.

Rooster's Tournament (bronze)

Thomas Fleischer

Juan Gutierez

Xiao Chang

Ethan Cartwright

Pphan Messang

Troy Finch

Ilja Petrukhin

Seth Holden

Night of The Champions (silver)

Tommy Layden

Cedric Pillet

Mason Ochoa

Ujin Jae-Sun

Finn Madox

Artur Kardacz

Solen Robledo

Boxing Legends (gold)

Itsuki Yasuda

Gustavo Herrera

Ronie Burch

Vadim Steblev

Bruno Castillo

Ian Wooldridge

Jarvis Mayo


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