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I want to return a purchase

If you’re using Android (Google Play):

- Prepare your game ID - you can find it in the game settings.
- Prepare your purchase receipt - you can find it on your email, or if you’re using android, can find the purchase history after going into, logging in and selecting the appropriate purchase.

- Contact us by clicking the “Contact Us” button below, or send us a message at

- In the subject of your message, type “I want to return a purchase”.

- Make sure to include both the ID and your purchase receipt. On top of that, please, let us know why you want to refund the purchase.

If you’re using iOs (Apple Store):
If you would like to receive a refund, you will, unfortunately, need to contact directly with Apple via:

They are managing the store on their own and we have no access to your account information. We don't mean to make it more difficult, it's just that our hands are tied in situations like this. Please let them know about this situation and request a refund.


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