I bought an Item and it was never delivered

This may be because of several reasons:

There was an issue with Credit Card Authorization and the order was rejected.

Please double check your credit card account and see if you were charged for the purchase. Also check if Google Play store has all the required data to bill you for the item. If you noticed that the money has been taken from your account then please do not hesitate and contact us directly.

There is not enough funds on your card.

The purchase was not delivered because you have reached the limit on your credit card. Please try to make a purchase after you refill your card.

If this still does not help, please contact us using the button below. Please include the following pieces of information in the email: 

  1. Screenshot of a purchase receipt, if you were charged for the purchase
  2. Phone/Tablet model
  3. Operating system version
  4. Error message you are receiving
You can also include any other information - the more we know, the faster we can come up with a solution.


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