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What can I spend my Gems & Money on in the game?

Ok, so we already discussed how to get more Gems & Money in the following article HERE.

Now, once we have some precious cash on our hands let's not let it gather dust! Time to spend, spend, spend! 
But what exactly can I spend it on?

First thing you can indulge in is getting some updates for your car. Some typical choices are:

  • decreased fuel consumption
  • increased wheel traction
  • increased nitro duration

You can also buy boosts which will give you a greater advantage over those pesky cops!
Here you can find a list of what we have on offer so far:

  • Head Start – this feature gives you a starting boost of those precious points we all love an cherish. The more cash you spend on this feature the more points you can start off with.

  • Money – this feature will increase the amount of Money you can make out of one run by 1.5X or more.

  • Shield – the shield function will give you bonus hits you can survive during a run

  • Pickups – this feature will provide you with more goodies to pick up along the way as you are headed for victory.

You can equip all your upgrades and boosts before each run.


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